Tamoxifen withdrawal symptoms

By: FINPROM OY On: 22-Feb-2019
Stopping <b>tamoxifen</b> 'ups breast cancer death risk' - NHS

Stopping tamoxifen 'ups breast cancer death risk' - NHS

I recently ended my 5 year usage of Tamoxifen and have been having some strange feelings in my lower pelvic area that I believe are withdrawal symptoms from ending Tamoxifen. My oncologist doesn't want to put me on Arimidex or Femara because they are mostly for post menopausal women and my crazy body still thinks it's 30 sometimes! Has anyone had symptoms after they stopped Tamoxifen. I've already defied the doctor's expectations that chemo and tamoxifen would push me through menopause. I'm just concerned I guess about not taking anything. It almost makes me feel like I'm not doing anything to stop recurrence. I'm going to go to the gyno just to make sure that it's nothing more. Anyone ever have trouble getting up out of a sitting position? My 1st cycle after stopping tamoxifen has been very strange. Trying to work, going to physical therapy, and keeping up with Drs appts is plenty. Ear ringing--it is great when I actually notice a few minutes of quiet. I am now six months into taking Tamoxifen and having a lot of all over body swelling. And I've survived all this time without tamoxifen so when it was offered to me last year, and my initial tumour was not tested for whether it was oestrogen receptive or not, I declined to have tamoxifen because I've survived anyway.

Anyone had <strong>tamoxifen</strong> <strong>withdrawal</strong> <strong>symptoms</strong>? - Breast Cancer.
Anyone had tamoxifen withdrawal symptoms? - Breast Cancer.

Re Anyone had tamoxifen withdrawal symptoms? Hi I have just had surgery & stopped Tamoxifen for 4 weeks I have been on it for 15 months. My flushes were more frequent & turned to sweats and I broke out in teenage spots. Hi - I have been on Tamoxifen for 3 years. I went off it about 2-3 weeks ago to try to get pregnant. Tamoxifen Withdrawal. I wanted to reply to you to say good.

Tamoxifen withdrawal symptoms
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